Christmas Stockings For Dogs – Spoil Your Dog This Christmas!

Happy Dog Holiday!

Hanging Christmas stockings has been a long-time tradition for many, attached to wide-spread stories of one man who put coins into the stockings of the three daughters of a recently widowed man. Since that time, stockings have been hung and filled to the delight of children all over on Christmas eve, to be joyfully explored on Christmas morning. Hanging Christmas stockings for dogs wasn’t part of the tradition, but dogs these days are considered family members by many who have them (myself included), to be spoiled and pampered as a child would.


Why Give Your Dog a Christmas Stocking?

My dog loves surprises. I think that she actually gets more excited than my children ever did with her Christmas stocking! And since it fills my heart to see her smile, and play, and to shower me with affection with each and every item in her stocking, why wouldn’t I give her one?

Including your dog in the family’s Christmas activities is also a wonderful bonding experience. For you and your dog, for your children and their dog – the opening of the gifts, as well as providing toys to play with, and treats to be given.


Get Your Dog a Christmas Stocking Now

Some people prefer to include a pre-filled stocking for their dog in their holiday shopping, while others fit hanging stockings in their home’s décor, and select personalized gifts and treats to fill them with.

Whatever your preference, and whether your dog is naughty or nice, there are so many adorable Christmas stockings for your dog to choose from.



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